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Welcome to the official site of  Karma Brigade. Our first album is coming out on 1.10.2021.
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We have a fundraiser at Karolina fund

Karma Brigade releases its first LP on October 1. 2021 including 9 original songs. It has been an ongoing project for three years. The album is being recorded in a brand new recording studio in Reykjavik with the best possible equipment. Songwriting, recording and mixing are done cooperatively by all the band members, a tight group who have been developing their musical identity along with their great friendship since 2016.

We have started a fundraising on to raise 4500 euros to finance the recording, production and release of the album. Recording and sound mixing are far along, but Karolina funding is needed to cover the remaining recording and mixing, as well as the mastering and the production of vinyl records.


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